A tails of racism

point 1

A disabled refugee murdered by a vigilante was “failed” because of “discriminatory behaviour and institutional racism” within Avon & Somerset Police and Bristol City Council, a report has found.


point 2


An Islamist activist who claimed the 71 victims of the Grenfell Tower disaster “were murdered” by Zionists who fund the Conservative party will not face prosecution for hate speech.

racism in the UK at it worse.


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more snowflakes

Artificial intelligence will take over from British police in the scanning of child abuse images to save officers from “trauma,” according to a report.

oh boy

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taliban lover

The lesson is simple: Kill the poppies, or Afghan policy will fail. Where there are flowers, America is not winning.

foreignpolicy.com fuck me is this magazine pro taliban now.

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Friends don’t let friends retweet Louise Mensch.

Ben Bradshaw – Bradshaw has taken to tweeting out Louise Mensch blog posts citing “multiple sources with links to UK intelligence” who apparently say the referendum should be voided due to Russian intervention. Yesterday he tweeted that it was time for the Tories “to come clean about extent of Kremlin’s reach into heart of Government”

good job Guido 🙂

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Macron the moron

Do they hate Science so much.

We are not a puritan society,” French President Emmanuel Macron

2 sec later

He then called for the criminalization of wolf-whistling and gender-based insults, and for requiring France’s TV and radio regulators to police video games and web content.

since France is going down the shit hole how long for the next low turn out.


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This is fun

“Amber Rudd’s Home Office has lost track of some 56,000 migrants who were supposed to be deported, including over 700 criminals.”

since we going say good bye to the EU.  even Home office can’t stop migrants criminals.

by the way funny of Amber Rudd and home office don’t even see to care.



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Narcissistic uk

look like going this way

“Facebook is to offer digital safety training to every secondary school in the UK as part of a new partnership with youth charities.”

In the past 20 year so UK school still one of the worse in Europe. The idea have children digital ambassadors.

is only way to push children to be good in the world.

do they ever lean.

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