We rule by twats

We heard from hundreds of women who told us about the pain and long-term damage caused by wearing high heels for long periods in the workplace, as well as from women who had been required to dye their hair blonde, to wear revealing outfits and to constantly reapply make-up.

The Government has said that the existing law is clear, and that the dress code that prompted this petition is already unlawful. Nevertheless, discriminatory dress codes remain widespread.

It is therefore clear that the existing law is not yet fully effective in protecting employees from discrimination at work. We call on the Government to review this area of the law and to ask Parliament to change it, if necessary, to make it more effective.”

How the hell we end up get in this news things.
Have UK Parliamentary got better things to do then this crap.
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Hey DJ still got a long away to go

after #gamergate and SJW meltdown. me had to keep on fighting for freedom this why me Hey DJ is on minds.com news that they don’t see I find. I put in the my blog post. the reason why I doing other are the doing the same things Guido is secure xhamster  did the same. like the USA they have US bill of right. but UK we had the British Bill of right and yet UK MPs children right  women right nutter and other nutter. make more and more law to take away our right. for keep them safe. with taxpayer money. and now crony porn making money out the law that the NSPCC like.

we need to start righting to get out freedom back. by 1st backing small new porn.

1st one is yanks.com

2nd is come4

I hope is going be a new world it start the world with for now I see you online.


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on the about sex offenders register

It been sometime now about family of murdered schoolgirl April Jones call for a hard sex offenders register law.

from the U.S. DOJ well this what they end with this and getting worse.

The California Sex Offender Management Board, created by the state legislature and made up of law enforcement officials and other experts, issued a stark warning in a 2011 report: “The Board believes that the rise in homelessness among sex offenders needs attention because it is so closely associated with an increased level of threat to community safety.” An earlier board report had cited nine studies, including from Australia and Great Britain, all of which found a link between homelessness among ex-offenders (including sex offenders) and higher re-offense rates.

It’s not just residency bans that may increase crime. Sex offender registries—publicly posting ex-offenders’ names, photos, and personal information—appear to raise re-offense rates as well. Only the US, the UK, Canada, a few Caribbean countries, India, Chile, and South Korea operate public registries.

now think about it. if more sex offenders law = more re-offense. This not good for the UK and  not even for the children that the law is going to help.

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Dumb and Dumber

Conservative Party government ministers have drawn up new plans to make sex and relationship education compulsory, sources told The Sunday Times.

Currently, free schools and academies do not have to teach sex education. They make up more than half of all secondary schools and include most Christian, Jewish, and Muslim schools.

it get dumber

She said: “What is currently compulsory in secondary schools is the science of reproduction.

when is it ok to lie in science.

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the 1960s idea

“that British society is not very well integrated; that it is increasingly divided along ethno-cultural lines; and that there is a want of any cohering, collective identity.”

it odd you try this since the 1960s it be the same to this day

tim black was spot on.

It’s a soberly written report, and the diagnosis of a culturally fragmented society at least skirts the truth. But its content is often hyperbolic, with the lurking implication that something terrible is happening in these sequestered, isolated communities. Yet that’s not the real problem with the Casey Review. No, the real problem is that it doesn’t grasp why Britain is culturally fragmented; it doesn’t understand the dynamic that has led to increasing numbers of people firmly identifying themselves with, and entrenching themselves within, particular ethno-cultural communities. It doesn’t, in short, acknowledge the British state’s own role in fomenting this fragmentation through the promulgation of multiculturalism. Because it’s this, the active, state-driven implementation of multiculturalism, encouraging assorted ethno-cultural groups to identify themselves as such, that lies at the heart of what now appears under Casey’s eyes as social disintegration.

do read more


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more then one reason Jamelia was Axed

Jamelia has reportedly been axed from ‘Loose Women’, after her controversial opinions came under fire from some viewers.

I sure they more then one reason she been Axed of

  1. she want quack come to porn with no fact
  2. “I don’t believe stores should stock clothes below or above a certain weight. [Bigger people] should be made to feel uncomfortable when they go in and can’t find a size.

    “I do not think it’s right to facilitate people living an unhealthy lifestyle.” ( not the sjw tyre)

  3. jamelia bro or half bro done for murder or somethings I don’t know.
  4.   she love Thugs This is no joke.
  5. piss off ITV

It look USA daytime quack have come to the UK.

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me and what now

So far I have my mate I know her for some time now 1st time after college for 6 or 7 year. now got a group now we can played on I go to MCM coimc con in march. I still be going in November. me and djlegg going have fun. so I see you online.

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