Clean eating you need to stop it

when I was in college I have to do veg meat and kids food. I it have to be good to then to eat. today I bbc radio 2 jeremy vine about Clean eating.

I like said I did my NVQ 1 and 2. and my mom and dad cooks. and do roxy.

I know Vegan or some Vegan going mad tell the young Gen that this not good for you.

the point is the new fab is just fact of bullshit to get the young gen to make things cool. but this is bad science.

the Angry Chef point out is

“There are a few points that the Hemsley show has dragged up so far, one of which I would like to talk about today. Putting the murky science of antioxidants and the bizarre world of biodynamic eggs aside for the moment, I would like to spend a little time talking about sugar.”

this Pseudoscience it bad and it need it stop or it end up cost taxpayer money.

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twat still being twat on this morning

did not learn the last time

The parents of the toddler who took a wee on This Morning have revealed they were visited by social services following the incident.

Adele and Matt Allen shocked the nation last July when they let one year old Ostara do her business on a rug in the TV studio, and minutes earlier Adele had revealed she breast fed her son Ulysses, five.

Viewers weren’t too happy with what they’d witnessed, and reported the couple for child cruelty.”

the last time then daytime. call human bear biting.

daytime Viewers are like crack pot.

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he right you know

Paedophiles should not face jail for looking at pornographic images of children unless they are a physical threat to youngsters, says Britain’s most senior child protection officer.
Officers should instead focus on the most dangerous offenders who have access to youngsters or are directing abuse online, said chief constable Simon Bailey.

H/T Tim worstall

Like I said.

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St May of busybody

that what call her soon

Theresa May has announced plans to tackle what Number 10 calls “heinous offences” of domestic violence as the Government admits victims are being “let down by the legal system”.

ok the word Victims what this can tell you.


A crime survey from the Office of National Statistics in 2015 estimated that 8.2% of women and 4.0% of men reported experiencing domestic abuse in the previous year. This is equivalent to 1.3 million female victims and 600,000 male victims. It accounts for 16% of all violent crime.

what this ONS this is more men and women are reported domestic abuse.

what st may is not tell is most domestic abuse is from same sex relationship.

for god sake do they have ONS for a reason.

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If you like to know why the UK brain dead media is losing to RT

UK Media treat her like S**t 

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Brexit and quack news

when they not happy about fake news they feel like wee over the tv.

this one is why we call this fake news for.

As Marriage Foundation research has repeatedly shown, these changes in family structure have driven family instability. Cohabiting couples with children are almost certain to split before their children’s mid teens in stark contrast to married parents.

they put that way. if we go what Marriage Foundation and nutter want we going to end off bring worse  for all the uk. I they think doing the 1960s is a good idea it will be dead. very fast in need. but worse out all this. is this is not upside about brexit it more like a pr news.

here video marriage An Addendum for the fact.

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We rule by twats

We heard from hundreds of women who told us about the pain and long-term damage caused by wearing high heels for long periods in the workplace, as well as from women who had been required to dye their hair blonde, to wear revealing outfits and to constantly reapply make-up.

The Government has said that the existing law is clear, and that the dress code that prompted this petition is already unlawful. Nevertheless, discriminatory dress codes remain widespread.

It is therefore clear that the existing law is not yet fully effective in protecting employees from discrimination at work. We call on the Government to review this area of the law and to ask Parliament to change it, if necessary, to make it more effective.”

How the hell we end up get in this news things.
Have UK Parliamentary got better things to do then this crap.
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