My birthday today

I hope you having a nice weekend I having one too so far.

here one I went to black country Museum on Friday it was fun.


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a gardener sum it up

“It reflects the fact that, when everybody was booking for Chelsea last year, it was when Brexit happened and everybody got a bit nervous, but I think next year it’s going to get back to normal.

if only if have more Gardener on the it.

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pay more on you bill

Theresa May has said her proposed cap to tackle “rip off” gas and electricity prices is needed because competition is not working – as she denied borrowing the Conservative election pledge from Ed Miliband.”


she said you have to pay more TWAT.

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a fake charities gone bust

this gem turn up

A charity for LGBT people that collapsed after receiving £1.4m in public money was “chaotic“, according to a National Audit Office report.

Broken Rainbow received at least £120,000 a year from the Home Office between 2008 and 2016.

this one worst things out all this is. this is a Domestic Violence Service UK

a charities make law.

this is why fake charities need to end.

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nspcc Doesn’t unerstand karl marx

“despite a Government vow to stop online child abuse material, more must be done to rid the internet of these vile images – starting with saying no to “sexting”

funny of same happy tax funding NSPCC law end up more children in the sex offenders list.

this what Karl marx said about this.

the level of technology determines social relationships. And this is simply one of those times that a change in technology has led to a change in such relationships.

same law same out come.


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since I miss a lot in the weekend. some how Venus Rosales who end up  in you tube. she good old 3rd wave nutter go to Antifa. and fight and got Fisting.

it be better off for me looking for other Hairy girl thank you very much.

yes some girl do Fisting in porn.

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Clean eating you need to stop it

when I was in college I have to do veg meat and kids food. I it have to be good to then to eat. today I bbc radio 2 jeremy vine about Clean eating.

I like said I did my NVQ 1 and 2. and my mom and dad cooks. and do roxy.

I know Vegan or some Vegan going mad tell the young Gen that this not good for you.

the point is the new fab is just fact of bullshit to get the young gen to make things cool. but this is bad science.

the Angry Chef point out is

“There are a few points that the Hemsley show has dragged up so far, one of which I would like to talk about today. Putting the murky science of antioxidants and the bizarre world of biodynamic eggs aside for the moment, I would like to spend a little time talking about sugar.”

this Pseudoscience it bad and it need it stop or it end up cost taxpayer money.

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