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Macron the moron

Do they hate Science so much. We are not a puritan society,” French President Emmanuel Macron 2 sec later He then called for the criminalization of wolf-whistling and gender-based insults, and for requiring France’s TV and radio regulators to police … Continue reading

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nspcc Doesn’t unerstand karl marx

“despite a Government vow to stop online child abuse material, more must be done to rid the internet of these vile images – starting with saying no to “sexting” funny of same happy tax funding NSPCC law end up more … Continue reading

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on the about sex offenders register

It been sometime now about family of murdered schoolgirl April Jones call for a hard sex offenders register law. from the U.S. DOJ well this what they end with this and getting worse. The California Sex Offender Management Board, created by … Continue reading

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more then one reason Jamelia was Axed

Jamelia has reportedly been axed from ‘Loose Women’, after her controversial opinions came under fire from some viewers. I sure they more then one reason she been Axed of she want quack come to porn with no fact “I don’t believe … Continue reading

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REPULSIVE yes pro pedo no

I read a post form the the ralph retort you can read here I did some thing better then ralph.   Update look like UN is just has bad then anti gamergate hit tip the ralph retort

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moral panics=bad Science

when come to sex it not going way this the late on dumb Science. “What happens when a bunch of teenage boys pool their money to buy a robot prostitute they can gang rape?…What will our world be when people … Continue reading

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Russell Brand The fucking Dickhead

the election 2 days away I made my mind up to spoil my vote. this year. some how some loser name Russell Brand yes v Russell Brand on you tube or other area. want us to vote. but big loser is … Continue reading

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