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nspcc Doesn’t unerstand karl marx

“despite a Government vow to stop online child abuse material, more must be done to rid the internet of these vile images – starting with saying no to “sexting” funny of same happy tax funding NSPCC law end up more … Continue reading

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on the about sex offenders register

It been sometime now about family of murdered schoolgirl April Jones call for a hard sex offenders register law. from the U.S. DOJ well this what they end with this and getting worse. The California Sex Offender Management Board, created by … Continue reading

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more then one reason Jamelia was Axed

Jamelia has reportedly been axed from ‘Loose Women’, after her controversial opinions came under fire from some viewers. I sure they more then one reason she been Axed of she want quack come to porn with no fact “I don’t believe … Continue reading

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REPULSIVE yes pro pedo no

I read a post form the the ralph retort you can read here I did some thing better then ralph.   Update look like UN is just has bad then anti gamergate hit tip the ralph retort

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moral panics=bad Science

when come to sex it not going way this the late on dumb Science. “What happens when a bunch of teenage boys pool their money to buy a robot prostitute they can gang rape?…What will our world be when people … Continue reading

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Russell Brand The fucking Dickhead

the election 2 days away I made my mind up to spoil my vote. this year. some how some loser name Russell Brand yes v Russell Brand on you tube or other area. want us to vote. but big loser is … Continue reading

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isn’t this OTT LUKE GITTOS

three judges caught watching porn lets put self love on trial it is so easy now day mix up porn and love at the same time. and this is from spiked-online.

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