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Loose Women is full of crap

I was look what on TV today see this. four year old kill a puppy. and you be think why daytime show is full of carp. I find one from the web about this link over here  Advertisements

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Clean eating you need to stop it

when I was in college I have to do veg meat and kids food. I it have to be good to then to eat. today I bbc radio 2 jeremy vine about Clean eating. I like said I did my … Continue reading

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more then one reason Jamelia was Axed

Jamelia has reportedly been axed from ‘Loose Women’, after her controversial opinions came under fire from some viewers. I sure they more then one reason she been Axed of she want quack come to porn with no fact “I don’t believe … Continue reading

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If you like porn so much why don’t you go live there?

keep true word form spEak You’re bRanes on the spectator health true health can be good for you so how quack still love bad health.   hollisfergus • a day ago This article grossly misrepresents the current state of the science. … Continue reading

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children can say fuck the law

Youngsters currently get a criminal record if they are found texting intimate images of themselves to others. funny 2 years or more the law sexting was a crime and now dumb cps don’t want children to be prosecuted. well I said … Continue reading

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You going love this

this good start of the year. the Freedom of Information Act should travel with taxpayers’ cash, ensuring that it is always under the protection of transparency whether it is spent by a company, a charity or a quango. That might … Continue reading

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REPULSIVE yes pro pedo no

I read a post form the the ralph retort you can read here I did some thing better then ralph.   Update look like UN is just has bad then anti gamergate hit tip the ralph retort

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