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St May of busybody

that what call her soon Theresa May has announced plans to tackle what Number 10 calls “heinous offences” of domestic violence as the Government admits victims are being “let down by the legal system”. ok the word Victims what this … Continue reading

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on the about sex offenders register

It been sometime now about family of murdered schoolgirl April Jones call for a hard sex offenders register law. from the U.S. DOJ well this what they end with this and getting worse. The California Sex Offender Management Board, created by … Continue reading

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The equality Act = lost for members

odd is’t it “Britain’s politically correct equality laws have driven hundreds of thousands of women away from golf rather than make it more accessible, the veteran BBC golf commentator Peter Alliss has claimed. The former golf pro suggested that, since the laws … Continue reading

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so it a win for the gang rape

Under new rules announced by the Home Office, police will be able to apply to the courts for a new order to restrict the activities of anyone they judge to be a risk but have not charged with an offence. … Continue reading

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good news

here by  Old Holborn so here ? for A Nigerian wannabe gangsta. are you DUMB.

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Louise Mensch is a twat

good idea are you going be to blame for looting too. for all you dumb idea you end we blame you for it. H/T obo the clown

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in fact Philip Davies can be a dickhead

policemen have told him that they are increasingly concerned about younger criminals. Davies argues in favour of lowering the age of criminal responsibility and hauling more children before adult courts: ‘People take the view that if they are old enough … Continue reading

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