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let make Britain worse again

1 let make Britain tech hell  Social media giants should cover the costs associated with policing drug dealing networks, Security Minister Ben Wallace 2 stella creasy MP like to make misogyny great again. I think it time call Britain the worse … Continue reading

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don’t say I didn’t warn you.

taxpayer are now paying for this. The government is giving broadcasters including Channel 4 and ITV an extra £60m to help them make more home-grown children’s programmes. you be thinking what the hell is my money is paying children’s  show … Continue reading

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taliban lover

The lesson is simple: Kill the poppies, or Afghan policy will fail. Where there are flowers, America is not winning. foreignpolicy.com fuck me is this magazine pro taliban now.

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Macron the moron

Do they hate Science so much. We are not a puritan society,” French President Emmanuel Macron 2 sec later He then called for the criminalization of wolf-whistling and gender-based insults, and for requiring France’s TV and radio regulators to police … Continue reading

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more from Amber dumb

“Shops will no longer be able to sell acids to people under 18, Amber Rudd has pledged.” can someone tell Armber Rudd that more law you make more easy to break. and “Mrs Rudd announced a major investment in technology … Continue reading

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he right you know

Paedophiles should not face jail for looking at pornographic images of children unless they are a physical threat to youngsters, says Britain’s most senior child protection officer. Officers should instead focus on the most dangerous offenders who have access to … Continue reading

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are they that dumb

The family of murdered schoolgirl April Jones have started a new petition calling for all sex offenders to remain on the register for life. they all fucking know sex offenders register don’t work.   Unable to track down the author … Continue reading

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