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more from Amber dumb

“Shops will no longer be able to sell acids to people under 18, Amber Rudd has pledged.” can someone tell Armber Rudd that more law you make more easy to break. and “Mrs Rudd announced a major investment in technology … Continue reading

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somethings they love to waste money

“I think the government knows that young people don’t vote, or if they do they are very unlikely to vote Tory, and they have historically ignored their needs and the price they have paid is now we have seen a … Continue reading

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The bloody french again

French farmers, among the most-subsidized being on the planets, have long been mindful of any and all threats they believe might undermine their way of life. France has outlawed buying sex after more than two years of heated debate, passing … Continue reading

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let’s put dumb black mp in anti-discrimination law

Meanwhile Labour MP David Lammy has been recruited by the Prime Minister to review discrimination in the justice system – particularly why black offenders are more likely to be handed prison sentences than white criminals. “It’s disgraceful that if you’re … Continue reading

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has Luke Gittos point this out

“This is bonkers. Firstly, the BBC’s reporting of the numbers was full of bald assertions. Jon Brown, head of sexual-abuse programmes at the NSPCC, was quoted in the BBC report, saying that ‘accessing hardcore pornography is warping [children’s] view of … Continue reading

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how did the Swedish model end up having 49 Sweden Democrats

Since the Sweden have a general election on Sunday. Since it not on tv or you can try on RT. the Swedish model with high tax and more welfare state. and a fair Sweden the out come mean be so … Continue reading

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this is why we need get rid of government-owned Corporation

“Mr Abraham called for more support from the Government, however, in the form of new regulations to force BSkyB and other pay-TV platforms to pay so-called retransmission fees to carry the main public service channels.” since we pay paying for … Continue reading

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