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Protests Harmful to Strippers

VANCOUVER, BC: Recent demonstrations by protestors targeting strip clubs in Vancouver have sex workers and their advocates across Canada concerned for the safety of their colleagues. The dancers say groups such as REED are seizing the Olympic agenda to draw … Continue reading

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Penn and Teller Bullshit!     War On Drugs   On this episode, Penn and Teller examine the war on drugs and find out some shocking information about the effects on drugs and what its doing to the economy. reading

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sorry Harriet Harman you don’t promote Equality

It has not been a good day for Harriet Harman on today. The Sunday Times about the Equality Act plays down school skirt ban and the psudo-feminist bourgeois women and now Feminazi with the mainstream media. are in a hot water because as Damian Thompson … Continue reading

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Are we loseing our culture

Today on Ed west about Don’t blame advertisers for the sexualisation of children    it unfortunately that Dave Cameron was talk about on GMTV about sexualisation of children.   the borem if this culture is one eye no win way   … Continue reading

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Remember all men are raped but not all raped are man

here some thing on today sunday telegraph   it was a stella sex survey 2010    one was 13pc of men admitting to having paid for sex is suprisingly high. this form a you gov survey. the trust survey. not like the fake charities … Continue reading

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penn & teller bullshit! The Business of love

The boys look into the business of love as they investigate industries that claim to help people searching for the perfect mate.   you be so happy dateing a Escorts.

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Swedish pay for sex? is swedish Law a ass

18 Swedish soldiers who bought sex in a brothel while on military exercise in Germany last August have escaped punishment is rise a Q about free speek and sex and the law bac last year sweden was rape for euro.   the … Continue reading

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